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[NOODLE] Namdaemun Market’s alley full of kalguksu noodles

Dec 14,2018
Namhae Restaurant
Namdaemun Kalguksu Alley

Hours of operation
Open 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.

60-3 Namchang-dong, Jung District, Seoul
Phone: +82-2-753-2805

The seafood broth in this kalguksu (knife-cut, flour-based noodles) is enriched by toasted seaweed, fish cakes, spinach and spring onion that dot the surface. The whole thing is crowned by a dollop of spicy gochujang (hot pepper) paste. The noodles are served with sides of bibim naengmyeon (mixed cold noodles), kimchi and sauteed spinach.

Other restaurants in Namdaemun Market’s Kalguksu Alley offer similar fare.

You can find a recommended noodle restaurant by searching Instagram using the hashtag #koreanoodletour. To find a restaurant near you, search also by the hashtag for the district in Seoul (i.e. #Jung-gu) or the Korean city (#Busan).