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Bomin on sick leave for one week

Dec 15,2018
Bomin of idol group Golden Child will be taking a temporary break after being diagnosed with Influenza type A.

The group’s agency, Woollim Entertainment, announced Friday that he was diagnosed with the flu and was told to stay away from crowds and rest.

“Bomin will be resting for the week, and we will be fixing his schedule based on the doctor’s notes afterwards,” said the agency.

The agency has postponed a three-day fan meet-and-greet that was to begin on Friday through Sunday, with new dates yet to be confirmed.

The other nine members of Golden Child will appear on TV without Bomin.

Golden Child made their debut in 2017, and released their most recent track “Genie” and “I See You” on Oct. 24.

By Yoon So-yeon