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Cosmic Girls return with new EP

Jan 09,2019
Cosmic Girls, also known as WJSN, returned to music Tuesday with their new EP “WJ Stay?,” which reveals the colorful and dazzling sides of the band’s 10 members.

The EP’s lead track “La La Love” is a retro pop song woven with sentimental string sounds that deals with intricate emotions deriving from love.

“’La La Love’ is a pretty song that carries [a woman’s] wish to save love’s complex, incomprehensible feelings as if taking pictures,” team leader Exy said in a media showcase for the new album.

The lead song’s music video features the festivities and colorfulness of a carnival, presenting the 10 members clad in different hues of blue.

“The background of the music video include a carnival, festival and circus, which bring out the fancy and pretty sides of the members,” member Bona said.