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‘The Villainess’ to be adapted to TV

Jan 16,2019
The 2017 movie, “The Villainess,” directed by Jung Byung-gil, will be made into a TV series in the United States, the film’s distributor said Tuesday.

Contents Panda, the foreign sales arm of the distributor Next Entertainment World, recently signed a partnership with Beverly Hills-based Skybound Entertainment for the U.S. rendition, the company said.

“The Villainess” is the first Korean film to be dramatized in the United States, although a few Korean TV dramas have been remade there.

The film, starring Kim Ok-bin, premiered at the 70th Cannes Film Festival last year. It depicts the hard life of the born-to-be-killer Sook-hee.

Entitled “Villainess,” the U.S. version will deal with women raised to be killers in Los Angeles.

“I expect [the U.S. version] will provide added fun with action scenes and a continuous storyline,” said director Jung, who will be part of the production team for the upcoming series. Yonhap