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Kim Na-young to file for divorce

Jan 31,2019
Entertainer Kim Na-young has decided to part ways with her husband, Kim announced in a video posted on Tuesday evening.

“I will be starting a new life with my two sons after accepting the fact that I cannot trust my husband anymore,” Kim said in a video she uploaded to her YouTube channel.

“The idea of raising two children on my own does scare me, but I’m willing to step up because I’m a mother,” said Kim.

It was revealed in November that Kim’s husband had pocketed a total of 20 billion won ($17.8 million) from May 2017 to September 2018 running an illegal futures trading system.

He is currently in police custody.

Kim released an apology when the news broke and stated that she would be taking responsibility in every way she could. She stepped down from all of her TV projects after the news.

The couple got married in 2015 and had two sons together.

Kim’s agency, IOK Company, confirmed on Thursday that Kim has started the necessary legal process to file for divorce.

By Yoon So-yeon