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Netflix orders up a Korean series

Feb 15,2019
Following the success of Netflix Korea’s zombie-themed original series “Kingdom,” Net-flix is gearing up to produce another Korean original series centered on artificial intelligence (AI).

The company announced Thursday it will start filming the series “My Holo Love” (working title) starring actors Yoon Hyun-min and Ko Sung-hee.

The series will tell the story of a lonely girl who one day meets a hologram AI named “Holo.”

Yoon, who gained fame through KBS2’s “Witch at Court” (2017) and tvN’s “Mama Fairy and the Woodcutter” (2018), will be playing two roles in the upcoming series: the AI “Holo” and an inventor named Nando.

Ko, who recently starred in SBS’ series “Ms. Ma, Nemesis” (2018), will play the role of So-yeon, a talented officer who suffers from an inability to recognize faces.

The series will be directed by Lee Sang-yeob, who was behind MBC’s “Mr. Back” (2014) and tvN’s “Familiar Wife” (2018) and the script has been written by Ryu Yong-jae, who also wrote tvN’s “Liar Game” (2014) and “Pied Piper” (2016).

By Yeo Ye-rim