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Kang Daniel hires his own lawyer

Mar 09,2019
Singer Kang Daniel has hired lawyer Sun Jong-moon from Sun & Partners as his attorney in his conflict with his agency.

Earlier this week, Kang took to his official fan club website to share that he is “in dispute with LM Entertainment.”

According to reports, Kang sent paperwork to the agency and demanded that they either change the unfair terms of the contract or let him go.

The agency, however, explained that the dispute was merely a misunderstanding between the company and the singer, and they have no plans to revoke his contract.

While Kang’s fans are supporting him, there is some division over whether or not he should stay with the agency.

Some fans created the hashtag “#KangDaniel_settle,” and are encouraging him to not waste any more time quarreling with his agency.

“We want to see you on stage,” read one tweet.

By Yoon So-yeon