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Mar 13,2019
Artist Kim Ho-deuk’s installation, “All of a Sudden, Drawing the Space,” is part of his solo exhibition at Hakgojae Gallery, central Seoul. In the installation work, a pile of Korean traditional paper, or hanji, hangs from the ceiling in a line with subtle changes in height. The pile casts its reflection on a square pond filled with meok, East Asian traditional black ink, while also casting shadows on the wall, which is reminiscent of the layers of mountain ridges in East Asian ink paintings of landscapes.

The solo show consists mainly of the abstract paintings that the 69-year-old artist created by East Asian ink painting techniques. His “Waterfall” series depicts the vertically pouring water with only a few dashing strokes. “I think I’m a painter [...] I create installation works in the intervals between painting projects,” Kim told the Korea JoongAng Daily. “The installation started as I wanted to free my paintings on hanji from the wall. I got excited from transforming 2-D works into 3-D and creating space.” The show runs through April 7. For details visit www.hakgojae.com. [MOON SO-YOUNG]