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Romantic Factory to go after trolls

Mar 14,2019
Singer Ovan’s agency, Romantic Factory, announced Wednesday that it would be taking legal action against those who spread false rumors and write hateful comments about the singer.

In a statement released Wednesday, the agency said it will not settle on any agreements with suspects they report to the police. Last September, the agency filed a complaint against people who made false accusations about the singer, saying his song “Twenty,” featuring singer Shaun, was a result of sajaegi, or chart manipulation. The song, which was released Aug. 21 last year, debuted at No. 43 upon its release but soared up to No. 10 within two days. Several people accused the singer and his agency of having a hand in the song’s success.

“It’s been around six months, and most of the suspects have been specified,” it said. “Many of them are apologizing and trying to settle on an agreement. However, we are not interested in making any agreements. We cannot forgive all the injuries and defamation our artists had to suffer due to all the ridiculous rumors. We will also demand compensation for damages.”

The agency also added, “We hope that you think about the effort [our artists’] put into making their albums.”

By Yeo Ye-rim