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[NOODLE] Noodles that reward your dipping skills

Mar 22,2019
Munbae-dong Yukkal

Hours of operation
Open 9:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

50, Baekbeom-ro 90-gil
Yongsan District, Seoul


There are three other branches in Seoul and more in Gyeonggi

In this hole-in-the-wall on the railroad tracks near Samgakji, central Seoul, you get two treats for the price of one: a bowl of freshly cooked kalguksu (knife-cut noodles), which you dip into a twin bowl of yukgaejang, a spicy soup made from vegetables and shredded beef, one of Korea’s crowning comfort foods. Chopstick skills are required and the eagle-eyed staff will offer you a bib if you look like you need it. Lines are long at peak hours - as they have been for 34 years!