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Wang Ta Lu calls off press meeting

Mar 23,2019
Film distributor AUD abruptly called off a meeting between Taiwanese actor Wang Ta Lu, or Darren Wang, and the local press that was initially scheduled to take place Friday, on Thursday evening.

Actor Wang was scheduled to meet with the press to promote the upcoming movie “Fall in Love at First Kiss,” which hits local theatres on March 27.

The local distributor, AUD, stated that the cancellation came from “internal reasons,” but reports speculate that the reason came from the ongoing scandal surrounding Seungri, a former member of boy bang Big Bang.

While Lee has been accused of soliciting sex service to his foreign investors and selling drugs at his club in southern Seoul, a picture Wang took with Lee spread online, increasing suspicions over whether Wang had been involved in the ongoing streak of scandals.

Although Wang’s agency stated that he had nothing to do with the case, the cancellation likely came from their concerns that the reporters would pour him with questions regarding his relationship with Lee, according to insiders.

Meanwhile, Wang arrived in Korea on Thursday as scheduled, and will carry on with all of his other scheduled events.

By Yoon So-yeon