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Dinnerware brand brings annual sale to Seoul

Apr 19,2019
A poster for the 2019 Icheon Ceramics Festival. [ICHEON CERAMICS FESTIVAL]
A bowl from KwangJuYo. [KWANGJUYO]
KwangJuYo, a Korean fine dinnerware brand, is having its annual sale in Seoul this year, just in time to coincided with the annual Icheon Ceramics Festival. The event is moving from Icheon, Gyeonggi, where the company’s headquarters is located.

The “KwangJuYo Ceramics Festival” sale will run for four days beginning April 24 for four days at Monaco Space near Gangnam Station in southern Seoul. Some of the company’s more expensive pieces will be available at discounts up to 80 percent.

The move to the capital city was to provide a better shopping experience to a wider range of customers who have shown a greater interest in plating their food recently.

For those looking to update their kitchen, look out for the company to release its new products on the first day of the festival. There will be some plates made in collaboration with professional artists available as well.

To help shoppers mix and match different products, there will be sample displays of table settings at the festival as well. Those who purchase more than 100,000 won ($88) worth of products can have their new ceramics delivered straight to their home for free.

To see what the country’s other ceramics companies have to offer will require a trip to the 33rd Icheon Ceramics Festival, which kicks off on April 26. Icheon is traditionally known as a town where Korea’s ceramic masters have gathered.

The festival offers a one-day program for visitors that includes a visit to a market of ceramic pieces made by local artists and demonstrations on how ceramics are made. To compare, there will be ceramics from China on display as well, to show how styles have evolved over history.

BY LEE SUN-MIN [summerlee@joongang.co.kr]

KwangJuYo Ceramics Festival will run from April 24 through 28 at Monaco Space under Boutique Monaco in southern Seoul, To get there, go to Gangnam Station, line No. 2, exit 9. Walk for about three minutes.

For more information, go to www.kwangjuyo.com or call (02) 3442-2054. The 33th Icheon Ceramics Festival runs from April 26 through May 12. For more information, go to ceramic.or.kr or call (031) 645-3091.