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‘Arthdal’ producers to answer press

June 07,2019
Following controversy surrounding the newly-released tvN drama series “Arthdal Chronicles,” the channel announced on Thursday that it will take questions from local reporters via email after failing to properly answer questions before the show made its premiere.

Thursday’s decision came after local media criticized the network for leaving a series of questions about the show unanswered, mainly regarding the show’s mistreatment of its production staff, plagiarism issues and a lack of quality.

It was reported in May that the production staff was required to work up to 150 hours a week while the show was in production, while viewers have pointed out that the show took its overall theme and plot from the U.S. drama series “Game of Thrones.”

When local media asked questions to the directors and actors regarding the issues at a press conference in May, the event’s M.C. cut in, asking them to not ask “irrelevant questions.”

By Yoon So-yeon