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Court cuts Hwang Min’s sentence

June 08,2019
Hwang Min, the ex-husband of actor Park Hae-mi, received a reduced sentence at his trial on Friday, after appealing the court’s decision made in December.

The couple split last month following an accident caused by Hwang’s drunk driving last August, which resulted in the deaths of two members of the Haemee Musical Company, a theater group founded by Park.

Hwang received four years and six months in prison for drunk driving at his first trial, but one year was subtracted in the appeal.

The court ruled that “because the defendant does not appear to have any other penalties except for his past record of drunk driving, and has reached an agreement with one of the victims, the original sentence has been deemed too harsh.”

Hwang received alimony from Park at the end of May after their divorce was finalized. He demanded money from Park and she obliged, saying that she still respected him for being the father of her second son.

By Lee Jae-lim