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Stars donate food to North Korea

June 12,2019

Actor Han Ji-min, entertainer Kim Jae-dong and screenwriter Noo Hee-kyung participated in a special fundraiser to provide 10,000 tons of corn to hungry children in North Korea, the event’s organizer Join Together Society (JTS) said in a statement.

JTS is an international NGO relief organization that works to eradicate hunger and provide medical treatment and education to the children. The organization’s headquarters is in Korea.

According to the NGO, the three donated enough sum to purchase 450 tons of corn. “North Korea is suffering from a severe food shortage,” the organization said. “Until people can harvest potatoes in July, the 10,000 tons of corn will be so helpful in helping to resolve the children’s hunger.”

Those who wish to participate in the campaign can visit the website corn.jts.or.kr. The campaign will run until June 30.

By Lee Jae-lim