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Heize and Suga team up for a song

June 28,2019
Singer Heize has collaborated with BTS’s songwriting mastermind Suga for the first time, and the pair’s song is set to hit music streaming services on July 7.

According to Million Market, Heize’s agency, the singer wrote and produced her upcoming single “We Don’t Talk Together” along with the BTS member.

“Suga produced the song, Heize and Suga both worked on the lyrics, and Heize, Suga and EL CAPITXN wrote the music together,” the agency said.

Suga has shown off his producing skills not only with his own band, but songs for other singers such as Suran’s “Wine” (2017) and Epik High’s “Eternal Sunshine” (2019).

By Yoon So-yeon