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Cass to release short film online

July 04,2019
Major local beer company Cass will be releasing a preview of its upcoming interactive short film "AORB" on its official YouTube channel next Tuesday.

The film will be YouTube’s first-ever interactive film, and the title is a reference to the choices that viewers must make while watching the film - “A or B,” which will change the character’s fate and the story.

Viewers will watch five clips that are 90-seconds long and will have to choose either plot A or B at the end of each video.

The film is part of the beer company’s ongoing “YAASS Campaign,” which is a message to those who remain indecisive about their everyday decisions, urging them to believe in their choices and enjoy the consequences.

The project features some of the stars of the Palme d’Or winning “Parasite,” (2019) including Choi Woo-shik and Lee Jung-eun.

The official film will be released on July 15.

By Lee Jae-lim