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Hidden camera staffer is charged

July 11,2019
A staff member from cable network Olive’s variety show “Olive Pocha” who was prosecuted without detention for installing a hidden camera in a room used by female celebrities was given a year and six months in prison on Wednesday, but the sentence was suspended for three years.

The staff member, known only by his surname Kim, had installed a hidden camera disguised as a supplementary battery in a room shared by actor Shin Sae-kyeong and Yoon Bo-mi, a member of the girl group Apink, while filming the program overseas last September. Shin discovered the camera and notified the production team. It was later discovered that it was Kim’s doing.

The Seoul Southern District Court ruled that “the nature of the crime was bad considering his intentions and using his position as part of a camera team to hide the cameras in the entertainer’s private room, where privacy should be guaranteed,” and punished Kim accordingly.

Kim pled guilty on all charges.

By Lee Jae-lim