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National Ballet returns to the stage

July 17,2019
Korea’s national ballet troupe, the Korean National Ballet (KNB), will this month stage the fifth edition of its “KNB Movement Series,” an annual show of modern choreography, created by its members.

This year’s event, “KNB Movement Series 5,” is set for July 27 and 28 at Seoul Arts Center in southern Seoul and will present a total of eight choreographed pieces with matching costumes, music and stage settings, according to the KNB on Tuesday.

The upcoming event’s program will feature, most notably, “Season: Spring,” a moving dance piece by Lee Young-cheol, a principal dancer at the KNB who has showcased a new piece every year since the 2015 inauguration of the series.

Other works to be presented in the upcoming event include “Amadeus Concerto,” a semi-classic ballet choreographed by Song Jung-bin, “Go Your Own Way,” created by principal dancer Shin Seung-won and “3 Tables” by Kim Myung-kyu.

“The ‘KNB Movement Series,’ which kicked off in 2015, was designed to help develop South Korea’s dance scene by recognizing the reality faced by dancers who typically retire far earlier than people in other occupational fields and by resolving it,” the KNB said, referring to its efforts to nurture Korean dancers’ choreography careers. Yonhap