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Agency drops actor Kang Ji-hwan

July 17,2019
Huayi Brothers Korea, actor Kang Ji-hwan’s agency, terminated their contract with Kang on Tuesday, after the actor confessed to all of his charges on Monday evening.

Through his attorney, Kang stated that he “admits to all the accusations and sincerely apologizes to the victims from the bottom of my heart for inflicting such pain upon them through my wrongdoings.”

Kang added that he is also sorry to the public for causing trouble and will live in remorse while receiving the “rightful punishment.”

After his confession, his agency released an official statement indicating that they have “lost all confidence in Kang after his shameful acts and cannot continue to work with him.”

The company also promised to take better care of its artists and issued an apology.

Kang was taken into custody at his residence in Gwangju, Gyeonggi, under suspicions of sexually assaulting and molesting two staff members from his company. The actor immediately stepped down from his role in the TV Chosun drama series “Joseon Survival” afterwards. The role will be taken over by actor Seo Ji-suk.

Kang was arrested under the charge of quasi-rape on Friday evening.

Korean law describes the crime of “quasi-rape” as sexual intercourse or “an indecent act on another by taking advantage of one’s condition of unconsciousness or inability to resist.”

By Lee Jae-lim