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NCT Dream is back for the summer

July 18,2019
Boy band NCT Dream will be releasing new songs for the summer, SM Entertainment announced on Wednesday.

According to the agency, the six-member unit under SM’s NCT franchise will be dropping its new EP titled “We Boom” on July 26.

The group’s second EP “We Go Up” was released in September 2018.

“NCT Dream has become an icon for teenagers. With every song they make, they grow and change and express sophisticated emotions as teenagers,” SM Entertainment said.

The new six-track EP will be “as hot as ever,” according to the agency, which described the EP as filled with “cool and powerful teenager swag, a signature of NCT Dream.”

“We Boom” will include six tracks of various genres, including the lead single “Boom.”

Preorders for the album began on Wednesday.

By Yoon So-yeon