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Lai Kuanlin looking to leave

July 22,2019
Lai Kuanlin is looking to sever ties with his management agency.

“We recently received a notice of contract termination from a law firm claiming to be Lai’s legal representative,” Cube Entertainment said through a statement Saturday.

“There was no incident that provoked contract termination between Lai and our company, and we are currently verifying the authenticity of the firm’s power of attorney as well as the content of the notice.”

We have loyally worked to ensure that Lai will be a successful artist since his debut [...] But we will take legal action if we are faced with ungrounded accusations.”

Lai, a Taiwanese singer who debuted as part of boy band Wanna One, has been traveling back and forth between Korea and China for his singing and acting careers after his stint with Wanna One.

By Kim Eun-jin