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Fin.K.L to release a ‘Best Album’

July 23,2019
Veteran girl group Fin.K.L will be releasing a new album in August to celebrate their 21st anniversary, DSP Media announced on Monday.

According to the agency, the four-member group will be releasing their album “Fin.K.L Best Album” on Aug. 19, a compilation of 10 of the group’s best songs.

The album will be released as a CD and an LP, and will feature 10 beloved songs, including their debut “Blue Rain” (1998), as well as “To My Boyfriend” (1998), “Ruby” (1998), “Eternal Love” (1999), “White” (1999) and “Forever (2002).

The group recently came together on the JTBC show called “Camping Club” in which the members got to share the summer with each other while camping.

“The album is meant for the fans to feel the love and emotions they have shared with Fin.K.L through all their time together,” the agency said.

“We are glad that we get to cherish something together with the fans,” the members said through the agency.

The album will include special hand-written messages in the album. Preorders began Monday morning.

Meanwhile, member Lee Jin revealed on Monday that she will be joining Bucket Studio as her new agency, home to member Sung Yu-ri.

Sung also recently joined the agency last month.

By Yoon So-yeon