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‘Letters’ will also screen overseas

July 23,2019
“The King’s Letters,” slated to premiere on Thursday in local cinemas, will be simultaneously released in overseas, its distribution company Megabox M Plus announced on Monday.

The film is scheduled to debut in 12 cities in North America on Friday, including Los Angles, and will be shown in total of 20 cities abroad in total.

The film’s American distribution company 815 Pictures said that it was “an honor just to see the collaboration of actors Song Kang-ho and Park Hae-il after ‘Memories of Murder’ and ‘The Host’. As predicted, the two actors’ performances were perfect in portraying the conflicts and solidarity of King Sejong and monk Shin-mi.”

Moreover, the film is set to be released at 20 theaters in Taiwan on the following day.

By Lee Jae-lim