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Accessory brand J.Estina rolls out a fresh and trendy new look

July 24,2019
Jung Ku-ho, recently appointed as J.Estina’s creative director, shows off new products ahead of a press briefing on Monday in eastern Seoul. [YONHAP]
Accessory maker J.Estina is getting a major facelift under the guidance of star designer Jung Ku-ho, the company’s recently-appointed creative director.

“This renewal will keep J.Estina’s original identity while highlighting its young and trendy image,” Jung told reporters during a briefing held in Seongsu-dong, eastern Seoul, on Monday. Along with other staff, Jung was dressed in pink to celebrate the brand’s new signature color, which had previously been purple.

“The Joelle Collection, which we’re launching along with the renewal, presents a contemporary style that’s easily approachable to customers […] we expect to become a brand that appeals to a younger generation,” he added.

Jung, who joined J.Estina this January, is a well-known designer with his own clothing line. He previously worked as director of Seoul Fashion Week and helped revamp Fila, a Korean sportswear brand, in 2015 and 2016.

For J.Estina’s renewal, Jung introduced Princess Joelle, the brand’s new “persona” who embodies the characteristics valued in women today, such as curiosity and confidence.

A whole range of products will be launched as part of the Joelle Collection across J.Estina’s accessory, beauty and handbag lines.

New jewelry pieces featuring the brand’s updated, simpler tiara emblem are now available.

“Joelle” shoulder bags take on a more modern, yet classy look and are decorated with the newly-created “J” logo. J.Estina’s typography also went through a modern makeover with the brand renewal.

The company was especially ambitious in expanding its makeup line. In the past, J.Estina beauty products were limited to skincare and eyeliners.

As the brand revamps, J.Estina has rolled out innovative items, like Joelle Color Bars, which work as a lipstick, blush and eye shadow all-in-one, as well as skin-brightening Vitamin C Sticks, set for release by the end of this year.

According to the company, J.Estina will be the first Korean company to offer a beauty product that contains Vitamin C concentrate as a solid, which is said to be better at retaining nutrients than in liquid form.

J.Estina was established in 2003 in Korea as jewelry maker. The brand launched its handbag line in 2011 and expanded to offer beauty products in 2015.

BY KIM EUN-JIN [kim.eunjin1@joongang.co.kr]