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‘Exit’ surpasses 5 million ticket sales

Aug 12,2019
In just 11 days since its release, local film “Exit” has sold more than 5 million tickets, the Korean Film Council said on Saturday.

According to the film council, “Exit” ticket sales reached 5,002,375 on Saturday afternoon.

The film had sold 1 million tickets by its third day in theaters, 2 million tickets by the its fourth day in theaters, and 3 million tickets by its sixth day in theaters. The film’s break-even point was 3.5 million tickets.

“Exit” sits atop the local box office as of Sunday, accounting for over half of the weekend’s movie tickets sales across the country.

The story revolves around Yong-nam (actor Cho Jung-seok) and Ui-ju (actor Lim Yoon-a), who must escape a sudden breakout of poisonous gas. Audiences have given the film high praise for being fresh and devoid of cliches used by previous Korean disaster movies.

It has topped the local box office nearly every day since its release on July 31.

By Yoon So-yeon