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Kim Hee-chul to join SBS’ ‘Old Boy’

Aug 23,2019
Singer Kim Hee-chul of boy band Super Junior and his mother will be joining the SBS variety show “My Little Old Boy,” the channel said on Thursday.

According to the channel, Kim’s mother will be sitting down with the mothers of other unwed male stars - namely Kim Gun-mo, Lee Soo-hong and Tony An - to discuss how Kim spends his days alone in his house.

“My Little Old Boy,” otherwise known as “My Ugly Duckling” among fans, is a show where stars’ mothers watch their children live their daily lives while sitting down with the parents of different stars.

This is the first time that Kim’s mother has appeared on TV.

Kim, who debuted as a singer with boy band Super Junior, appears on a number of TV shows, especially on JTBC’s “Men on a Mission,” and is known for his witty comments and funny jokes.

The first episode featuring Kim will air this Sunday at 9:05 p.m.

By Yoon So-yeon