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The power of music

Aug 27,2019
Judges for the “2019 University Song Festival” meet with the press on Monday ahead of the upcoming music event. From top left to right: Singers Kim Hak-rae, Lee Jeong-seok, Kim Jung-ah, Kim Jang-soo, Lee Jae-seong, Jeon Yu-na, Won Mi-yeon, Jo Gab-gyeong, Woo Soon-sil and Gong Min-soo. The annual song festival was held for 36 years straight before it came to a temporary halt in 2013. It returns this year. The first audition will be held on Sept. 16 and participants will be required to submit songs they have written themselves. The “2019 University Song Festival” is co-hosted by channels CBSi and MBC Plus. [YONHAP]