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Police to probe all ‘Produce’ seasons

Sept 03,2019
Police are looking into whether previous seasons of Mnet’s audition program franchise “Produce 101” fabricated fan vote results as well, police said at a briefing on Monday.

“We are in the process of looking into the fourth season of ‘Produce’ and seeing if any other violations were made during the past three seasons as well,” police said.

Police are currently investigating whether the producers of “Produce X 101” had manipulated the number of votes to make sure that their favorites got to debut instead of the fans’ actual favorites, after fans claimed that the number of votes announced by the channel was mathematically improbable.

Offices at CJ ENM - the company that owns the channel Mnet - and a subsidiary company that was in charge of saving and analyzing the vote data, were raided by police last month.

“We have searched for evidence related to the program, and we will be analyzing the additional information we’re given,” police said.

However, they will not be investigating into Mnet’s other audition program, “Idol School” (2017).

By Yoon So-yeon