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DIA TV splits up popular channel

Sept 04,2019
DIA TV, a global content creator network owned by CJ ENM, has opened a new YouTube channel titled “K-Beautiology” to reorganize their video contents into two parts - drama series and beauty entertainment shows - according to the network on Tuesday.

The original channel “Beautiology,” which has over 800,000 subscribers, featured both web drama series and beauty variety shows. As of Tuesday, all cosmetic-related videos were transferred to the new channel, while the former channel will only upload its web drama series.

The reformed channel “Beautiology” is currently home to the workplace thriller drama series “Rumor,” starring rookie actors Kim Da-yea and Chae Jong-hyup. The cosmetic content features famous YouTubers such as Ssin, Han Neul, Kimdax, and Sobong introducing various beauty tips to viewers.

By Lee Jae-lim