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Zico releasing first full solo album

Sept 21,2019
Rapper and producer Zico will be releasing a solo full-length album for the first time since his debut, his agency KOZ Entertainment said on Friday.

“Zico will be making a comeback with his first full-length album ‘Thinking’ on Sept. 30,” the agency said.

“This will be the first time he has released a full-length album since his debut eight years ago and also a chance for fans to see a deeper side of Zico.”

According to the agency, the first part of “Thinking” will come on Sept. 30, followed by the second part in October.

Zico took part in producing and directing the album, as he has already proved himself as a producer with hits such as “Okey Dokey” (2015), “Fear” (2015) and “Red Sun” (2017).

His last track came a year and two months ago, when he collaborated with singer IU on her track “SoulMate” (2018).

Zico made his debut in 2011 as a part of boy band Block B and founded his own agency KOZ Entertainment this year after his contract expired with his former agency. He is still part of the band and also a hip-hop crew called Fanxy Child.

By Yoon So-yeon