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Switzerland welcomes Red Velvet

Oct 03,2019

Girl group Red Velvet has recently returned from a trip to Switzerland, and while they were there, they were able to enjoy the country’s nature and city life, the national Swiss tourism organization said Wednesday.

The girl group was appointed “Swiss Friends,” the title given to Switzerland Tourism’s ambassadors, in May for 2019 to 2020.

From Sept. 16 to 22, the girl group visited various natural attractions and cultural sites, including Unesco World Heritage site Abbey of St Gall and Montreux, where rock band Queen produced many of their songs.

“We planned this trip so that Red Velvet could enjoy Switzerland’s clean air and nature and take a rest from their busy schedule,” said Kim Ji-in, head of the Korean office of Switzerland Tourism.

The office is set to post stories of the girl group’s travels in Switzerland on its social media channels and blogs to encourage more Korean visitors to visit the country.

By Kim Eun-jin