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Zico to release ‘Thinking’ part two

Oct 31,2019
Rapper and music producer Zico will complete his first solo album with a release on Nov. 8, his agency KOZ Entertainment revealed on Wednesday.

Zico will be dropping the second part of his album “Thinking,” following the first part which came out on Sept. 30.

“The second part of ‘Thinking’ will complete the artist’s full-length project that highlights Zico’s musical change,” the agency said.

“If Part.1 was about expressing candid feelings, Part.2 goes into deeper thought and reflection on those emotions, showing a more mature side of the artist.”

A physical version of the full album will be made available following the release of the second part.

Zico made his debut in 2011 with boy band Block B and founded his own agency KOZ Entertainment this year.

By Yoon So-yeon