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KBS hosts confirmed to be dating

Nov 13,2019
Entertainer Jeon Hyun-moo is dating KBS announcer Lee Hye-sung, according to local media reports on Tuesday.

According to the reports, Jeon and Lee have a lot in common despite their 15-year age gap, and have been recently seeing each other often.

The couple recently appeared together at a press conference for the KBS variety show “Boss in the Mirror” in April - Lee was the M.C. of the event, while Jeon appeared because he is a part of the show’s cast.

They also appeared together on an episode of “Happy Together 4” that aired in May, and Jeon was the first guest of Lee’s KBS Cool FM radio show translated to “Lee Hye Sung’s Heart-Fluttering Night.”

Jeon is currently the main host of the KBS variety shows “Happy Together,” “Boss in the Mirror” and tvN music entertainment program “The Weekly Mixtape.”

Lee became an announcer at KBS in 2016, hosts a radio show and has been the M.C. of the show “Entertainment Weekly,” which ended early this month.

By Lee Jae-lim