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‘Frozen 2’ passes 4 million tickets

Nov 25,2019
The sensational Walt Disney animation “Frozen 2” has topped the milestone of 4 million ticket sales less than four days after its release in Korea, data showed Sunday.

“Frozen 2” sold 1,661,967 tickets on Saturday alone after it was released in Korea last Thursday to top the Korean box office on the very release day, according to the data from the Korean Film Council.

The Saturday daily sales were only 502 tickets less than the highest local one-day sales record of 1,662,469 set by “Avengers: Endgame” on April 28.

Since the release day, when 606,816 ticket sales were registered, “Frozen 2” has so far sold more than 4 million tickets as of early Sunday afternoon, less than four days since its release, according to the box-office data.

As of Saturday, the animation film dominated 2,642 local movie screens, running a total of 16,220 shows on the single day.

This means slightly more than 73 out of every 100 films screened on Saturday were “Frozen 2.”

The overwhelming domination of local screens by “Frozen 2” is, meanwhile, rekindling a local controversy over blockbuster titles’ screen domination after the latest