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Yiruma to drop album on Thursday

Dec 18,2019
Pianist and composer Yiruma’s new album “Frame for Winter” will be released on Thursday, the artist announced earlier in the week.

“This is a repackaged version of ‘Frame’ (2017) that has been touched up for winter vibes,” Yiruma wrote on his YouTube account. “You will get to hear a new song I wrote for this album, ‘Nocturnal Mind,’ live at 12 p.m. on Thursday, when I play it live on YouTube.”

A 42-second snippet of the piece released on Yiruma’s account on Dec. 10 carries a signature calming melody commonly found in the artist’s work.

Yiruma released the score for “Nocturnal Mind” on Dec. 12, a week before the release of the song itself.

The album contains some of his classics, “Kiss The Rain” and “River Flows In You” that have been rearranged by the artist.

Yiruma will be playing the new songs at his concerts in Seattle on Dec. 26, Toronto on Dec. 28, in Singapore in February 2020, as well as in Seoul in March next year.

By Esther Chung