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Yang Joon-il returns to meet fans

Dec 18,2019
Singer Yang Joon-il, otherwise known as V2, will hold a meet-and-greet with fans on Dec. 31.

Yang made his debut in 1990, and is know for hit songs such as “Rebecca” (1991) and “Pass Word” (1992), but he did not release music from 1992 to 2001.

He made a comeback in 2001, but no songs have come since then.

Yang recently appeared on JTBC’s music program “Sugarman 3” - a program dedicated to finding and rediscovering old singers from the past - and caught peoples’ attention with his sense of fashion and style that was way ahead of his time.

Some have even likened him to singer G-Dragon of Big Bang, a known fashion icon in the K-pop industry.

“This is the first time for Yang Joon-il to hold a fan meeting event since his debut,” OUI Entertainment said.

Tickets will go on sale on Dec. 20 at 8 p.m. at Hana Ticket.

By Yoon So-yeon