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Jang Jane returns with ‘Inner Space’

Dec 19,2019
Singer Jang Jane released her first EP in four years on Wednesday.

The project, titled “Inner Space,” came out on Wednesday evening after four years of releasing only singles and songs that appeared on various drama soundtracks.

“Inner Space” contains five tracks that were all written by the singer, including the two lead tracks “Venus” and “Petal Fortune” that were written and rearranged by Jang herself.

“Venus” is a breakup song that talks about the sense of liberation one feels after ending a relationship, while “Petal Fortune” provides consolation to people who are hurt by the conflicts in a relationship.

The EP’s other tracks - “Tea,” “Water Fall” and “Saturn’s Voice” - show off the singer’s versatility.

Jang will meet with her fans at a concert scheduled for Dec. 22 at the Hyundai Card Understage in central Seoul.

By Yoon So-yeon