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Ji Hyun-woo makes return to music

Jan 07,2020
Actor Ji Hyun-woo, who was formerly the lead guitarist for rock band The Nuts, has formed a four-member band that will be releasing its first EP on Friday, Ji’s agency STX Lionheart Entertainment announced Monday.

The band’s members include Ji as the lead vocalist and guitarist; Ji Hyun-soo, the keyboard player from N.EX.T, who is also Ji Hyun-woo’s older brother; and Kim Hyun-joong, original member of The Nuts, as bassist.

It will be the first time in nine years that Ji Hyun-woo’s fans will get to hear music from him, as he has not released any songs since his departure from The Nuts in 2012. Ji was the lead guitarist of the band from 2001 to 2012. He jumped into acting starting in 2003 and was acknowledged at various award ceremonies, including for his acting in the JTBC drama series “Awl” (2015).

By Esther Chung