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Comedian liquor expert’s list of recommended drinks

Feb 06,2020
Jung’s recommendations for those who want to try out traditional Korean liquor. [JANG JIN-YOUNG]
For those who don’t know where to start when it comes to traditional Korean liquor, comedian and TV celebrity Jung Jun-ha has some recommendations.

1. Cheongsu

Made from locally grown grapes named cheongsu, this white wine promises a blast of aromatic and fresh fruit flavors in your mouth. Jung says this wine will break any prejudices you have about domestic wines.

2. Gamsa

Made with rice grown in the Gyeonggi region, its clean taste is recommended for gatherings of families and relatives, as its name suggests. Gamsa means “to thank” in Korean.

3. Pungjeongsagye

Pungjeongsagye means four seasons in Pungjeong, the region where the brewery is located. Pungjeong is located in Cheongju, North Chungcheong.

Under the name of Pungjeongsagye, there are four different types of gwahaju available.

Gwahaju refers to some fermented liquors, but soju (Korean hard liquor) is added to it to stop it from decomposing.

Of the four different types of Pungjeongsagye, Jung chose Chun, meaning spring in Korean.

Chun was selected as an official drink when U.S. President Donald Trump paid a visit to Korea in 2017.

4. Jeju Omegi Malgeun Sul

Jeju Omegi Malgeun Sul is translated into clean alcohol made with Jeju-grown glutinous millet. It contains no preservatives. With a slight acidic flavor, this is especially popular with women, according to Jung.

5. Boksoondoga Makgeolli

Makgeolli (rice wine) produced at the Boksoondoga Brewery is often dubbed champagne makgeolli as the drink is naturally carbonated by yeast once the bottle of rice wine gets popped off.

BY JANG JIN-YOUNG [estyle@joongang.co.kr]

전통주 소믈리에 정준하가 추천하는 설에 어울리는 전통주 5종

청수 - 국산 포도 품종 '청수'로 만든 화이트 와인. 이 와인에 대해 정준하는 "국산 와인에 대한 편견이 깨졌다"고 말했다. 풍부한 과일 향과 싱그러운 맛이 특징이다.

감사 - 경기도 쌀로 만든 약주로 깔끔한 맛을 가지고 있다. 이름처럼 감사한 마음을 담아 친지들과 나누기 좋은 이유로 추천했다.

풍정사계 - 풍정사계는 춘•하•추•동 4가지가 나오는데 그중에서 봄을 기다리는 마음으로 특별히 '춘'을 추천했다. 풍정사계춘은 트럼프 대통령 방한 당시 만찬에서 건배주로 선정되기도 했다.

제주오메기 맑은술 - 첨가물 없이 건강한 술로 산미가 있어 여자들에게 인기가 있다는 이유로 추천했다.

복순도가 막걸리 - 일명 샴페인 막걸리. 천연 탄산의 목 넘김이 부드럽다.

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