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Trump blasts ‘Parasite’ Oscar win

Feb 22,2020
U.S. President Donald Trump is apparently not a fan of “Parasite,” his biggest complaint being that the movie was made in Korea.

Trump talked about the Academy Awards during a campaign rally in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on Thursday. “Parasite” was named Best Picture, becoming the first non-English-language film to get the top honor.

“What the hell was that all about?” Trump said. “We’ve got enough problems with South Korea with trade. On top of that, they give them best movie of the year. Was it good? I don’t know.”

Neon, the U.S. distributor for the subtitled film, shot back on Twitter: “Understandable. He can’t read.”

The audience booed when Trump mentioned the Academy Awards and then cheered when he said: “Can we get like ‘Gone with the Wind’ back please? ‘Sunset Boulevard,’ so many great movies.”

“Parasite” tells the story of how a family of four poor, unemployed people living in a slum basement apartment comically infiltrates a wealthy family residing in a mansion before things unravel violently and tragically.