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Chinese aircraft enters Korean air defense zone

Jan 30,2018
A Chinese military aircraft entered South Korea’s Air Defense Identification Zone (Kadiz) on Monday without prior notification, defense authorities here said.

It trespassed in the Kadiz at around 9:30 a.m. and entered Japan’s ADIZ, or Jadiz, before finally flying out of the Kadiz at around 2:05 p.m., according to the Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS).

“Our military first detected the unidentified flight in the southwest of Ieo Island,” it said.

South Korean Air Force jets, including an F-15K fighter, made an emergency sortie to closely monitor the Chinese plane’s activity, added JCS. The Chinese plane appears to be a Y-8 multi-role transport or maritime patrol jet, a source said later.

In mid-December, five Chinese military aircraft entered the Kadiz, the JCS announced at that time.

An ADIZ is airspace over land or water declared by a state for the early identification and location of a foreign plane approaching its territory. It’s not defined in any international law or treaty.

The Kadiz near Ieo Island overlaps with the air defense zones designated by China and Japan.