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Scientists will get electronic visas

Apr 20,2018
Korea will allow foreign scientists to obtain an electronic visa without having to submit documents and visit the country for up to 90 days to participate in projects carried out by government-run research institutes, Justice Ministry officials said Thursday.

The measure will help foreign scientists obtain visas more conveniently, boosting the country’s ability to acquire top minds in the field, the officials said.

Starting in the second half of the year, the ministry also plans to issue electronic employment letters of recommendation that Korean universities, private research institutes and companies need to invite foreigners to the country, eliminating the need to visit administrative centers in person.

According to the ministry, the electronic visa center has issued 1.1 million visas and taken care of 190,000 online petitions filed by foreign residents here over the past two years.

Among the 1.1 million electronic visas were 1.09 million cases related to foreigners who visited the country on group tours.

About 10,000 electronic visas issued to individual visitors included 5,161 for tourists who visited the country for medical treatments and 956 for business.