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Seoul, Washington kick off drills as scheduled

Apr 23,2018
Korea and the United States will hold their annual Key Resolve training exercise starting this week as scheduled, a military official said Sunday.

The simulation-based, command-post drill between the two allies is set to begin Monday and run for the next two weeks, the official said.

The two countries started their four-week Foal Eagle field training at the beginning of this month.

But it’s unclear whether the training will take place this Friday, when leaders of South Korea and North Korea are set to meet for a historical summit, the official said.

Seoul and Washington have maintained a low-key stance in carrying out their annual joint military drills since Pyongyang extended a series of reconciliatory gestures beginning early this year. The country participated in the PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games in the South in February, sending athletes to compete in five sports. North Korea has long denounced such military exercises as a rehearsal for the staging of an invasion.