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Entry ban on Chinese fat cat upheld

Sept 10,2018
A Seoul court has rejected a Chinese business tycoon’s request for a permanent entry ban to Korea, imposed on him after he sexually abused two Korean employees, to be lifted.

The tycoon allegedly assaulted his secretary and harassed a flight attendant on his private jet in 2016. Prosecutors confirmed the charges but suspended the indictment after he reached settlements with the victims and they didn’t want him to be punished.

However, Korean immigration officials banned him from entering the country for good and the tycoon filed a lawsuit against the chief of the Incheon Immigration Office seeking to have the entry ban lifted.

But the Seoul Administrative Court rejected the request, saying that the prosecution’s investigation has shown that the tycoon used his power to commit the crimes and there is a risk of him committing acts that hurt public safety if he is allowed in the country.

The businessman claimed that the entry ban would hurt Korea’s national interests. The court rejected the claim, saying the public interest would be better served by the ban.