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Students try to storm the U.S. Embassy

Feb 01,2019
Police on Thursday arrested a group of college students who tried to rush through the front gate of the U.S. embassy in Seoul in protest of Washington’s demand for a sharp increase in Seoul’s share of the upkeep costs for U.S. troops in South Korea (USFK).

“Five members from the Progressive Union of University Students were taken [by the police] at around 1:20 p.m. as they attempted to run in through the embassy’s front gate,” an officer at Jongno Police Station said.

Earlier, the students held a news conference near the embassy denouncing the U.S. call for a hike in South Korea’s financial contribution to the USFK.

They also unsuccessfully tried to hand a letter of protest to the mission.

Police plan to book them for violating the assembly and demonstration law.

Since March last year, Seoul and Washington have held a series of talks over how much of the financial cost South Korea should bear for 28,500 USFK. The United States calls for an increase in Seoul’s share to up to $1.2 billion this year, up 41 percent from last year’s contribution of $850 million.