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Hefty budget increase set for kids’ road safety

Nov 27,2019
The government and the ruling Democratic Party agreed at a bilateral meeting Tuesday to significantly increase next year’s budget for children’s road safety. The government’s budget for the installation of speed cameras and traffic lights in school zones nationwide, for instance, will be increased by 100 billion won ($85.2 million) in 2020, according to Cho Jung-sik, chief policymaker of the ruling party.

“About 8,800 speed cameras and 11,260 traffic lights will be installed in school zones across the country, as part of efforts to enhance the traffic safety of children,” said Cho. “In areas where the installation of speed cameras is inappropriate, speed bumps and other road safety facilities will be expanded,” he explained.

The number of school zones to undergo road safety improvements will be increased by more than 50 percent next year from this year’s 351 zones, Cho said, noting safety signs, speed bumps, non-slip pavement, “yellow carpet” and other road safety facilities will be persistently installed. Yellow carpet refers to using yellow paint to visually alert drivers of areas where they need to drive more carefully and pay attention.