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Galaxy Tab sticking with battery maker from China

Feb 25,2017
China’s Amperex Technology Limited (ATL) became one of the two main suppliers for Samsung Electronics’ new Galaxy Tab S3 tablet computer, an industry source said Friday.

The move indicated that Samsung would maintain its cooperation with ATL, which supplied the batteries to Samsung that caused the Galaxy Note 7 smartphones to catch fire.

The Tab 3 will be unveiled at an annual technology show in Spain later this month.

Announcing the results of its probe into what caused some Galaxy Note 7 smartphones to catch fire last month, Samsung said faulty batteries were the main problem, not the smartphone’s hardware design or software.

Samsung discontinued the Note 7 in October last year after recalling millions of the devices worldwide over safety concerns.

Samsung SDI, an affiliate of Samsung, was another supplier of the batteries for the Note 7.

Both Samsung SDI and ATL became the two battery suppliers for the Tab 3, according to the source.

“Despite the discontinuation of the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung Electronics was said to have not changed battery suppliers,” the source said.

Without identifying the battery suppliers for the Note 7 by name, Samsung officials have said the company will not file a lawsuit against them to seek compensation.

An official at Samsung Electronics declined to comment on whether ATL batteries are used in the Tab 3. YONHAP