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[Guest Report] Hyundai Steel’s labor union lends helping hand to underserved communities

Mar 02,2017
The Incheon branch of Hyundai Steel’s labor union is helping the less fortunate through the winter. On Tuesday, members of the union visited 30 low-income families as part of its “Safety Santa” program to provide heating and safety equipment to senior citizens and disabled people living in dilapidated housing.

Hyundai Steel donated fire alarms, extinguishers, automatic circuit breakers for gas valves, carbon monoxide detectors and window seals to keep out the wind.

“We don’t pay enough attention to those around us, always giving ourselves the excuse that we’re too busy, so it makes us feel good to give back to our community,” said Yang Kwang-suk, the Incheon branch head of Hyundai Steel’s labor union. “It made us feel very good to see the elderly happy, and we would like to continue our community service.”

To encourage the labor union to contribute to society and allow employees to bond within the company, Hyundai holds “H-USR Day,” an opportunity for labor unions from different facilities to volunteer and help children and underserved populations. The company expects such community service will improve employees’ self-esteem and help develop a healthy relationship with the local community.

By Kim KYU-EUN [kim.kyueun@joongang.co.kr]