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Gold prices rise

Apr 25,2017
Gold bars on display at the Korea Gold Exchange on Monday. The price of gold per gram as of April 21 was 46,760 won ($41.40) according to the Korea Gold Exchange, a 4 percent rise compared to the end of last month. Gold prices have been rising recently on the back of growing uncertainties including geopolitical tensions in Korea as well as the U.S. strike on Syria. According to the financial market information provider FnGuide, the yield on gold funds on average was 10.9 percent, which is higher than the equity fund with 6.48 percent. In fact, international bullion prices as of Friday were $1,287.4 per ounce, a jump of more than 10 percent compared to the beginning of the year at $1,128. Gold prices, however, fell Monday due to the French Presidential election after centrist Emmanuel Macron won the first round. [YONHAP]